Toyama-IT Venture Conference




Internet Paradigm Shift is under progress. ICT (information and communication technology) is the base of the intellectual society. With manufacturing being computerized, the international competitiveness is raised. In addition, not only the interactions with existing industries and IT ventures are needed, interactions with the Northeast Asia region (China, Russia and South Korea), the United States and Europe are also needed. Therefore, to raise the regional economy, which promotes the global manufacturing IT business, at 2001.8.1 "Toyama IT venture Council" is established.(Regardless if it is IT, environment, tourism, medical, biotechnology, deep-water, new materials, next generation growth industries and traditional industries, IT will be applied, and regional economy, new sectors, new business, local resourse, business-university-public partnership, regional and overseas interactions will be promoted) From now on, with the 2014 Hokuriku Shinkansen, the interactions with the capital will be increased due to the people coming for tourism and business purpose. We aim to have urban areas and rural areas, large and small corporations, manufacturing and service industry to use IT to create economic growth.


Purpose and Role


We aim to enhance the strength of our members, promote information exchange, networking, research, study sessions, proposals activities, exhibitions, various conferences, networking between members, interactions with industry-university-public, business of Northeast Asia and foreign countries, local economy, new sectors, new business and local recourses.
In addition, starting from university-industry collaboration, Japan and South Korea, China and Russia economic forum, and IT companies and other economic exchanges:

  1. Computerize the existing industries
  2. Based on entrepreneurial venture, promote regional development and employment.
  3. Merchandising the exchange of IT technology information.
  4. Use of IT in the new "development projects in town"
  5. Possess business which provide information services to senior, woman, people with disabilities

Board member companies, North Japan News,10th Grand Prix (international department of) CDL, the 12th Grand Prix companies (Environment Division) is awarded to Japan pack.


Organization & Activities

  1. Venture Manufacturing Services Company
  2. Computerized corporations (regardless of the industry)
  3. Students and business planners, as the reserves of ventures
  4. University lecturers
  5. Financial institutions, venture capitalist
  6. Lawyers, accountants, Attorney and judicial scrivener, personnel management consulting, IT coordinators.
  7. Administrative authorities
  8. Foreign officials

  1. Information exchange.  Interactions with business-university-public partnerships
  2. Products development, research, study sessions
  3. New business, research, proposals
  4. Members having mutual networking
  5. Open new markets, exhibitions, presentations
  6. Various conferences, forums
  7. ICT and e-commerce promotion
  8. Business Matching

List of actual activities
01.8.1 Inaugural Meeting.  Memorial Lecture. Royama Shouichi, Takaoka University President “Aiming to have ventures to take initiative”
01.11.27 ~ 28 Daegu Korea Techno, member companies exchange visits
02.1.15 ~ 17 Korean venture companies visits (Seoul)
02.2.4 Korea's IT Venture Exchange Center 02.2.4 (Tokyo)
02.4.24 ~ 25 The third conference of Hokuriku, Korean economic exchange
02.6.7 Lecture            “Support industry-university venture”           
Special Lecture           Nakashima Kyouichi, Prefecture University President “university reform and university-industry collaboration”
02.9.30 Toyama university-industry-public collaboration forum “changing from electronic products sellers to makers”  PD  “Develop technology and develop new markets with university-industry-public collaboration”
02.10.8 ~ 9 Toyama, Korea IT venture business exchange. (Toyama International Conference, Center for Studies and Training Center).
02.10.24 ~ 05.9.22 (for three years) Matsubara chairman, writer of criticism of North Japan newspaper
02.11.5 ~ 9 Announcement of the exchange betweenToyama New Industry Organization and Techno Park of Daegu, Korea
03.5.28 ~ 30 The fourth conference of Hokuriku, Korean economic exchange
03.6.26 Lecture “Financing of venture business”
03.10.31 Toyama, Korean IT venture economic exchanges (Techno Hall Japan-Korea Industrial Technology Cooperation Foundation
03.11.28 CDL president, Matsubara Yoshitaka, received an award from the 10th business grand-prix, Toyama international department
03.11.29 “Practice of Business Matching” member interaction forum
04.2.19 Forum “Maximize the charm of Toyama, Hokuriku”  Not just a famous tourist destination, but the light of the region
04.5.26 ~ 28 The fifth conference of Hokuriku, Korean economic exchange (Toyama)
04.8.30 Lecture "Toyama, Toyama・venture IT Strategy" (Toyama)
05.6.29 Lecture “Japan’s energy is from Toyama, Toyama’s energy is from the motivations of businessmen”  From Sony, Kyocera to regional business.
05.7.19 ~ 21 The sixth conference of Hokuriku, Korean economic exchange (Gyeongju)
05.3.24 “Value of business and creation of domestic and international markets”  Member industry-university forum
05.3.25 Attend the opening ceremony of Aichi EXPO Korean Pavilion
05.11.25 Japan Park (President Nagata Hiroyasu) received an award from the 12th business grand prix Toyama, environment, society contribution department
06.3.22 "wealthy marketing" "Toyama becomes a major" university-industry forum members
06.6.22 Conclusion of the IT training of students from Liaoning Province of China International Center
06.6.23 Participation in JETRO, Japan-China software negotiations (Dalian)
06.7.11 "The new business model projects" university-industry business matching forum
06.9.26 Attend at the Beauty festival of KOTRA Korea (Tokyo)
06.10.18 ~ 20 The seventh conference of Hokuriku, Korean economic exchange (Fukui)
07.5.19 TOYAMA brand Prefecture standing forum
07.5.26 “Toyama energetic seniors, women, business”  Business Matching Forum
07.10.30 ~ 11.1 Participate in the KOTRA Korea investment environment meeting
08.2.5 President of Japan Park, Nagata received the “Japan Venture Ours” senior award
08.3.7 Mitsubishi Estate "Birth of Japan 21C Village club" exchange business matching    Tokyo Shinmaru building
08.6.21 7th year anniversary of 2014 Hokuriku Shinkansen "the era of globalization with a new city development VIT" Forum
08.7.11 ~ 13 Chosun Newspaper "Chosun Economic Forum" invitation